Rise of Agon Legal Info

Read the Darkfall: Rise of Agon legal documentation below including our terms of service, privacy policy, and EULA. Have any questions? Contact our support team.

Code of Conduct

The Darkfall: Rise of Agon team takes player conduct very seriously. We want our players to have the freedom to enjoy the game, while respecting the rules in the Code of Conduct which are in place to protect the game, and the enjoyment of all its players. We actively enforce the Code of Conduct and this document serves as a kind reminder of the guidelines players need to respect while playing Darkfall: Rise of Agon.

Penalties for Violating the Code of Conduct

Suspensions can be placed on accounts that have violated any article(s) of our Terms of Service, EULA, or Terms of Sales. The violations that result in these suspensions are ones where no serious consequences or damage have occurred to other users, or to the game. Suspensions can range from 24 hours to 2 weeks depending on the violation.

Permanent bans are lasting and final. They are verified prior to execution and apply to serious violations, such as when a player had disrupted gameplay or has affected game balance in any way, or has affected the game experience of other players, or has plotted in cooperation with other users to violate the Code of Conduct.

Modding, Hacking, Cheating, or using any modified version of game code (i.e. cheats) will result in a permanent ban.

Unsupported Hardware & Applications

Users who interact with the game via unsupported external devices or applications such as, but not limited to, IP flooders and lag switches are liable to penalty.

  • Minor violations: ¬†They can result in the user being suspended.
  • Extreme and/or repeat violations: Result in a permanent ban.

Skill System Exploitation (Boosting)

Attempting to advance skill level or any other in-game advantage by means of conspiring with other players is considered a violation of the CoC. The penalties are listed below:

  • First violation: Results in the user being suspended from playing the game online.
  • Second violation: The user receives a longer suspension than that of the first violation.
  • Multiple (repeat) violations: Results in a permanent ban.


Users who abuse an exploit in game code or other established rules will face consequences. An example includes, but is not limited to, using a geometry glitch to intentionally go outside the game boundary.

  • First violation: Results in the user being suspended.
  • Second violation: The user receives a longer suspension than that of the first violation.
  • Extreme or Multiple Repeat violations: Result in a permanent ban.