Welcome to Darkfall: Rise of Agon!

Quick Start Guide

In this simplistic guide we will be going over how to start your journey in the lands of Agon. From the moment your character enters the world you will be a part of mesmerizing, ever growing, and changing land that calls to the adventure inside of everyone.

New player backpack

You will have exactly 24 hours of Invulnerability. This disallows you to attack or be attacked by any players for the allotted time. Ask any questions you have to the helpful players in the New Player Chat tab, or contact a GM with “/gm_help <Message>”

By pressing “B” you will be able to see your backpack. You start with a small amount of items to aid you in your journeys, like arrows, gold, and harvesting tools. You can (re)name bags by clicking them and then pressing "backspace".

The Mandrake, Resin, and Sulfur in your bag are all reagents that are used in your Transfer Spells. These Spells are bound to 6-7-8 on your hotbar.

  • Mana to stamina takes away your mana and gives you Stamina.
  • Stamina to health takes away your Stamina and gives you health.
  • Health to mana takes away your health and gives you mana.

These are some of your most important spells and it would be wise to get used to how to use them! Low tier mobs will drop the reagents required to cast these spells. You can also purchase them directly from an Arcanist.

Your weapons are bound to 1-2-3, You start with

  • Leaf Blade Bound to 1
  • Dawn Staff Bound to 2
  • Conscript Bow bound to 3

You will want to replace these three weapons fast! These are your starter weapons. They never break and also can never be lost, however they have a limited skill progression. To place a new weapon, simply drag it anywhere onto your hotbar.

You start with Lesser magic only spells. In order to unlock the next magic school, greater magic, you will need to reach 50 lesser magic skill. You can do this by casting your mana missile at enemies, mana missile is bound to 4. To heal yourself cast Heal Self which is bound to 5

Spell school window

10 Magical schools to be unlocked

  • Lesser Magic     (Character begins with)
  • Greater Magic   (Requires 50 Lesser magic)
  • Fire Magic         (Requires 50 Greater Magic)
  • Earth Magic       (Requires 50 Greater Magic)
  • Water Magic      (Requires 50 Greater Magic)
  • Air Magic           (Requires 50 Greater Magic)
  • Witchcraft          (Requires 25 Greater Magic)
  • Necromancy      (Requires 50 Witcraft)
  • Spell Chanting   (Requires 25 Greater Magic)
  • Arcane Magic     (Requires 50 spell chanting)

You can purchase these spell schools and the magic within them from Mages in Capital Cities, or in player owned cities.

The capital cities for each race are

  • Sanguine (Humans)
  • Ymir’s Tear (Dwarfs)
  • Flaming Skull (Orks)
  • Shoal (Alfars)
  • Red Moon (Mahirim)
  • Charybdis (Mirdain)

To purchase the school press “F” on the mage, Navigate to “Magic Skills” and Simply double click on the school you wish to purchase, You will need the required amount of gold in your inventory.

This guide will instruct you until the point you get your Greater Magic to 50, once there you can decide what path you want to go with your character. If you prefer Melee and archery and do not wish to dabble in magic you can become a Destroyer.

This Special trait disallows you to use any elemental magic along with Necromancy and arcane, however you hit 40% harder against targets wielding a staff. You can find the Destroyer upgrade at the Fighter NPC.

Speak to the Councillor 

Minimap of councillor location

When you first enter the world of Agon you will want to speak to the Councillor who can be found within proximity of you. Look at your Mini-Map in the top right corner of the screen to locate him.

Press “F” on the NPC and navigate to the Quests tab and accept everything he has to offer. A portion of the quests will award you with a Nectar of the gods, which will permanently increase all of your attributes by 2, until level 25. Follow this quest chain, completing all quests given to you.

Press “M” to open your map and locate the areas the quests you wish to go. If you ever forget your quest press “ESC” and go to Journal, then quest diary and you can see all active and completed quests.

You will want to be hunting these mobs with mostly Mana Missile, as getting to greater magic is a highly important task. Press “TAB” to auto sprint, Or simply hold shift. Whenever you kill a mob it will drop a grave, then run up to the grave and press “F” on it to open it and you can start to loot everything. Although, most of it will be junk and can be sold to vendors to make some gold early on.

Looting & Skinning Mobs

Grave looting and skinning

Whenever you press “F” on a grave it will pull out your skinning knife if you have one, be sure to skin all graves! These materials are worth gold to players and are used in many crafting recipes. After skinning the graves switch back to your primary weapon so you are always ready to defend yourself.

You will get useful reagents from these mobs. Reagents are used in all spell casting and there are 6 reagents in the game. You will want to hold onto any of the following.

  • Sulfur
  • Mandrake
  • Ash
  • Nacre
  • Resin
  • Bone

If you wish to purchase reagents you can speak to an Arcanist NPC and buy however many you wish. Any armor dropped by these mobs can be equipped by double clicking on the item. Once you finish the quest return to the Councillor and continue questing if you wish. Each NPC you talk to will have additional quests for you to complete, use the Nectar of the gods as you get them.

Bank Your Items Constantly

Make sure to be constantly banking your items. Find the vault with a flag in front of it and press “F” to open it. This is your personal bank and you can store all of your treasures here. You can access your personal bank from any vault in the game. Darkfall is never truly safe, So store your items often.

In your journal under the tab Meditation you can select spells, skills, abilities and attributes that will level automatically when you are offline/Online. You’ll need to purchase meditation points in order to raise these skills. Be sure to check, 'Enable Meditation' and click on, 'Save Changes.'

Once you reach 50 Lesser Magic and purchase Greater Magic you can learn the Rend spell to level your Greater Magic. Once Greater Magic hits 25 you can purchase Witchcraft and learn the Needles spell. Witchcraft has a spell in it called Witches Brew, this is one of the most powerful heals in the game. You unlock this spell at 35 witchcraft. At this stage in your character you can move on to leveling melee/archery while you are shooting Needles/rend at targets.

Other Guides and Info

The New Player Chat can answer most of your questions, however if you are lost please contact a Game Master by typing in chat, '/gm_help <message>' and one will assist you in any way possible!