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About Big Picture Games

Big Picture Games was founded and formed out of a shared passion for the vision of an amazing one-of-a-kind massive multiplayer online game: Darkfall.  The team is made up of dedicated and selfless volunteers from all over the globe, whom have all come together to help raise the franchise to new heights.

Our Team

We’re MMORPG game development professionals by day, and passionate gamers by night. Read about some of the talented individuals developing Darkfall: Rise of Agon.


Neil Neilk Lead Web Developer

Neil “Neilk” | Lead Web Developer

Neil brings over 3 years of web and game development experience to the team and currently serves as the Lead Web Developer at Big Picture Games. He has an extensive background of programming experience including Unity, C#, and C++ for MMORPG and mobile game development, and is fluent in full stack web development languages including Python, PHP, and Java. When he’s not busy working on our website and back-end systems, Neil enjoys teaching Python, web development, and game development at a non-profit programming club for children and teenagers.

Teemu Temeez Developer

Teemu “Terrar” | Web Developer

Teemu recently graduated with a degree in Information Systems and brings a wealth of web development and programming experience to the team. He currently serves as a Web Designer & Developer at Big Picture Games and is fluent in a number of programming languages including Python, C#, C++ and Java. When he’s not busy perfecting the front-end design for our website or helping to build our back-end systems, Teemu enjoys gaming and running throughout the beautiful landscapes of Finland.

TJ Gienger Developer

TJ Gienger | Lead Game Developer

TJ has been a full stack web developer for over 12 years, game developer for close to 5 years using both Unity and Unreal Engine, and has been involved in many other programming adventures. These include building in house applications for private companies, desktop and mobile applications and most importantly some popular programs released on the Darkfall: Unholy Wars and Rise of Agon forums. He is very excited to be a part of the RoA team and cannot wait to help make Agon great again!

Leonard NySkO Developer

Léonard "nYsKo" | Game Developer

Léonard has been studying Computer Science for the past 3 years and currently serves as one of the main game design programmers for Big Picture Games. In prior roles he worked on developing an antivirus device used by French government agencies and military services. When he is not busy inspecting the Darkfall: Rise of Agon code, Léonard enjoys training for his next power-lifting competition and growing his programming skills.

Kim Pitcher Developer

Kim "Pitcher" | Game Developer

Kim is currently studying software engineering at university, and has studied electrical engineering in the past. On top of his knowledge of many programming languages including C++, C# and Java, he brings over 6 years of experience with a national company where he is developing and managing applications and databases, and estimating jobs. When he is not working, studying or playing on the computer, Kim enjoys hunting, fishing and riding quads.